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Tablet PC – Business Revolution

Smaller, lighter, easier, more portable, stylish and practical than laptops.
More powerful, modern, dynamic and with a greater range of functionality than smartphones.

Tablet PCs are the next step in business technology and over the coming years they will be popping up all over the world, with a vast range of functions and applications being optimised for ultimate efficiency. Why wait to follow your competition? Mail us today to see how Tablet PCs can improve your business - sales@itabletpcshop.com

  • What can our range of Tablets offer you?
  • 7, 8 or 9.7 and 10” Inch screen size
  • Android, Windows CE or Windows 7 operating system
  • Lightweight, portable and durable – max 1KG
  • WiFi and Built in 3G, stay connected
  • High quality, professional design
  • Custom build specifications / design
  • Custom printing / branding
  • Camera, microphone and speakers
  • Conference / video calling
  • USB port for external peripherals, keyboard, mouse
  • VGA / HDMI output for presentations
  • GPS for Satellite navigation
  • Range of cases and accessories

We have outlined some of the key benefits gained from applying Tablets to your business; these are two of our main client backgrounds below:


Hairdressers / Beauty Salon

           Customers can now surf the internet,check email, play games &  more whilst waiting and having their hair styled. Employee’s can use the tablets to show different styles, colours and book appointments into the company’s diary. More professional and modern image – customers more likely to return. Internet connection via WiFi or 3G



           Student can surf the internet, check email, play games,e-book reader . Internet connection via WiFi or 3G Anywhere in the classroom or school "mobile learning", or even replace textbooks asteaching materials

We believe tablet computers are the future! These great devices can improve any business, in any sector - From adding to the visual impression, and quality of your company’s image in client meetings to Speeding up communications, data transfer and business efficiency in sales, marketing.
If you would like more information or a personal consultation to see how your business can benefit from Tablet PCs, Please email us sales@itabletpcshop.com